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Executive Summary

Camp Lowell Surgery Center is a group of physicians organized to develop and manage a fully physician owned Ambulatory Surgery Center in Tucson, Arizona. This Ambulatory Surgery Center is a multi-specialty with a comprehensive physician staff, a highly proficient and efficient nursing and support staff, and cost effective management and delivery systems.

Currently, there are 31 investor physicians representing ten surgical specialties. The objective of this collaboration is to create a highly visible, state-of-the-art procedural facility. In order to achieve our goal, the physician investors are committed to the following:

  • Provision of innovative, economical and top quality procedural services in a state of the art facility that results in healthy appropriate outcomes.
  • Developing and supporting an organization that lends itself to mutual physician and staff support.
  • Managing in a fiscally responsible manner and organized to achieve reasonable financial goals for the center and its investors.
  • Developing a comprehensive Performance Improvement and Quality of Care Program.
  • Exceeding the highest standards of credentialing and performance monitoring.


The initial investors are physicians who will be supporting the surgery center with a large percentage of their procedures. They are committed to expanding the use of the center by other qualified physicians. The current list of investors are as follows:

Jack Aaron, MD Thomas Kang, MD David Parry, MD
Katie Artz, MD Laurence Kaye, MD Lynn Polonski, MD
John Bentley, MD Robert Kersey, MD Sam Sato, MD
Dean Brick, MD William Lamear, MD Joseph Sheppard, MD
Thomas Butler, MD Jason Levine, MD Robert Snyder, MD
James Carlson, MD Christopher Maloney, MD Keith Soderberg, MD
Robert Chiarello, DPM Brandon Massey, MD Jerome Steck, DPM
Robert Dean, MD Sean McCafferty, MD Elias Stratigouleas, MD
Kathleen Duerksen, MD Ann McColgin, MD Eric Whitacre, MD
David Hu, MD Jeffrey Monash, MD Ray Lara, MD
Brian Hutcheson, DPM Jon Nisbet, MD

Only those physicians who are board certified or board eligible will be credentialed at the center. A comprehensive credentialing program has been established with recredentialing every two years.

Nursing and Ancillary Staff

Camp Lowell Surgery Center is staffed with the finest and most experienced procedural nurses, preoperative and post operative nurses, technicians and support staff. The credentialing and orientation programs are comprehensive and designed to involve staff in ongoing quality of care and safety programs.


Camp Lowell Surgery Center is located at 4620 E. Camp Lowell Drive just west of Swan Road in Tucson, AZ.

Performance Improvement and Quality of Care Program

Camp Lowell Surgery Center is committed to a comprehensive Performance Improvement and Quality Care program. There is a quality & patient care committee which establishes service protocols, and continuously monitors the quality of all services rendered in the center. In addition the committee:

  1. Assures the highest possible quality through thorough analysis, review, evaluation and improvement of patient care.
  2. Ensures cost effectiveness and quality care through efficient utilization of resources and services.
  3. Monitors problems and complications of care to identify optimal patterns of delivery and to assess provider performance.
  4. Monitors medical records to assure adequate and appropriate documentation.
  5. Promotes expedient resolution of identified problems.
  6. Reports all findings to the Managing & Governing Body.

Credentialing Program

There is a managing board that consists of 6 physicians that oversees all operational issues in the center. The credentials of all physicians utilizing the center are verified biannually through our credentialing process. We have developed an automated profiling database which monitors our provider credentials and maintains the most current information required by the State of Arizona, Medicare and most third party payers. We also verify references and credentials and make inquires to obtain information regarding the applicant from the State of Arizona Medical Board and the National Practitioner Data Bank. Information that is maintained in our database includes:

Camp Lowell Surgery Center has developed comprehensive operational standards for:

  • Facilities and equipment
  • Personnel
  • Patient flow management
  • Appropriateness of Care
  • Peer Review
  • Medical Records

All of these standards are continuously monitored with well-established guidelines and information gathering tools such as:

  • Incident Reports
  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys
  • Chart Review
  • Data gathering and retrieval systems
  • Benchmarking

All providers who utilize the center will be encouraged to take an active part in continuously monitoring and improving the care of patients in the center.

Reimbursement and Clinical Management Systems

Camp Lowell Surgery Center is Medicare certified and licensed with the State of Arizona as an Outpatient Surgery Center. The center acquired accreditation from AAAHC in February, 2009.

The Center accepts Medicare reimbursement from Medicare and participates as a Medicare provider. In contracting with third party payers, every effort is made to be competitive in the current market. All of our budgets and cost systems have been designed to be competitive in all levels of reimbursement.

The Center collects demographic, clinical and financial information on each patient. We have the capability to process claims on a global basis. Every effort is made to assure the highest level of reimbursement and the lowest cost of delivery.

The Center has developed fiscal soundness through proper budgeting and performance analysis.

Camp Lowell Surgery Center has developed a unique operational management process that enables the center to operate at the highest efficiency while maintaining cost effectiveness.

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Camp Lowell Surgery Center
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